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18 Dec

Jeevanacharya offering Annadhanam (free food) at Lord Pasupathinath Temple, Kathmandu

Lord Pasupathinath temple situated on river Bagamati’s banks in Kathmandu is an ancient, holy Hindu temple of Nepal that draws huge religious crowds from all over the world, every day. Decked up with artistically carved wooden sculptures, doors and gold covered roofs, this temple houses Lord Shiva along with a gigantic Nandi (Lord Shiva’s bull Vahan).

Knowing that this place is thronged by ascetic yogis or Sadhus, pilgrims and tourists, Jeevacharya chose this place to offer Annadhanam or free food. When he saw the destitutes housed at the Panch Deval complex (five temples complex) his heart softened and felt the urge to feed them. Even the scorching sun could not deter Jeevanacharya’s enthusiasm to serve food. Everyone witnessed his keenness to distribute food for all.

Gurujee even ensured that only hygienic and sumptuous food was served. Hence inspected the place where the food was prepared, quality and taste of food. He encouraged volunteers to take part in the mass food production and distribution and gave a helping hand whenever required.

The video coverage taken during the event captured the impact of Annadhanam on the food receivers, especially the women, both old and young. In spite of the space limitation, harsh weather conditions and proper facilities, Annadhanam at Lord Pasupathinath temple was a huge success.