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17 Dec

Annadhanam or free food initiative by Gurujee Kumaran Swami

Hindu religion has always advocated offering free food or Annadhanam to all who are hungry. Because Annam or food is the basis of life for all living beings, without which survival is difficult. Of all offerings or dhanam, Annadhanam tops the list and is seen as a wonderful expression that can touch and stir souls.

Jeevanacharya is well aware of the importance of food and its effects, hence wants to propogate this noble gesture by being a live and fine example by initiating the Annadhanam movement on his own. He wishes to take this initiative globally, hence have begun visiting and carrying out Annadhanam services at various places that are hitting the headlines like never before.

Below is the list of venues he has visited so far along with the description of the work he did there.