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Old Age Home

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Old Age Home

Old Age Home

“Maatha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam” which means mother, father are of prime importance and following them only comes the teacher and the God. But in today’s modern lifestyle, parents are the most ignored, blame it on the busy lifestyle, sky-rocketing prices and space crunch. The reasons might be many but it

should not be forgotten that they too have all the rights to live a contended, peaceful life in a space of their own how much ever modest it might be. Apart from this segment of elderly people disowned by their children, there are many sick and destitute elderly people who have lost their homes for varied reasons. The 1008 Names of Shiva Association understands their plight and hence is bent on empowering the lives of such elderly people so that they lead a dignified life. The trust plans to build senior citizen homes in natural and spirituality rich locales with all senior citizen-friendly facilities that can encourage them pursue their interests such as gardening, teaching, reading, playing, meditation and yoga in an unhindered manner. After all, life is to be enjoyed.