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Shiva Deeksha

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Shiva Deeksha

Shiva Deeksha

Lord Shiva is the supreme god for the Saivaites, denoting propitious and absoluteness. He is one of the Trimurthis – third part of the Trinity with a main responsibility to keep the life cycle through destroying and reproducing while Lord Brahma takes the responsibility of the creator and Lord Vishnu – the savior respectively.

Considered as an immortal, omniscient, pure, omnipotent, omnipresent, unsubservient and blissful lord, Shiva can be easily pleased when worshipped with a pure heart and offers utmost protection to his devotees against all evils apart from blessing them with talents, harmony and goodwill.

What is Shiva Deeksha?

“ Shiva Deeksha” means initiating a person irrespective of caste, creed or religion into the Saiva way of living also known as Saivism. Deeksha or initiation is often given by a “sivacharya” a knowledgable Saivaite who has dedicated his life to the worship of Lord shiva, following his commandments at all times. During initiation, the Sivacharya or the Guru would awaken the innate energy by uttering a mantra, touch or mere sight.

Why Shiva Deeksha and what are its benefits?

Shiva Deeksha is a life-changing mystical experience that has to be felt than told. Unless and until initiation happens the innate energy remains dormant. The bio-memory of the recipient is jogged by the guru in a state of harmonious resonance, through which the recipient of deeksha gains high consciousness, focus and intelligence. It is also looked upon as the only remedial measure to wipe away the karmas accumulated for various lifetimes. Not to mention the relief from health and wealth issues.

Jyotish shastra

Jyothish shastra or Indian form of astrology talks in great lengths and breaths about the influence of the planets, stars and various other celestial bodies on a particular person’s life. It is a wonderful amalgamation of divine observations and scientific theories involving geometrical and mathematical calculations and interpretations. Since time immemorial, our jyothish shastra has been used to comprehend and forecast events. However, it is most commonly used for obtaining personal readings, insights on relationships, marriage, health, finance, career and issues related to business.

At expert hands, jyotish shastra can prove to be a great boon to mankind.