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19 Dec

Annadhanam or free food offered by Jeevanacharya at Delhi

Annadhanam or free food offered by Jeevanacharya at Delhi, the busy capital city showcased how powerful and shoddier hunger can be and at the same how noble Annadhanam is, to the world. The long queue waiting to get food was proof enough to ascertain this fact. Surprisingly, even people who can afford to buy food joined the queue with the poor to prove the fact that hunger is not only caused because of poverty but also due to unavailability of food at any given moment.

Jeevanacharya was happily seen interacting with the crowd. He did not wait people come to him but went to meet them all the way long. The beneficiaries included men and women of all ages, castes and classes. Some even felt overwhelmed by the presence of Gurujee and sought his blessings either by prostrating before him or by folding their arm gestures.

Jeevanacharya was present at the venue where the food was served right from the beginning till the end. When asked what made him happy, he told everyone present there that the smiles on the faces of people after satiating their hunger is what gave him immense joy, for he saw the Pramathma (the God) in all.