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Yoga is an oldest form of science cum spiritual method practiced by humans for their overall well being. Though it dates back to thousands of years, yoga is still practiced by millions and millions of people all over the globe, acknowledging its effectiveness and power. The asanas or poses including the arm, leg balances,

core holds, inversions, twists, backbends, seated twists and many more aim beyond physical agility, stability and flexibility; it relaxes the mind and the soul as well. Unlike various other exercise techniques, yoga can be learnt and practiced by all, irrespective of fitness levels, gender, age and religion. The 1008 Names of Shiva Association situated in Cambodia amidst an idyllic, natural backdrop offers an excellent opportunity to experience bliss. Many beneficiaries found their mood, flexibility and posture enhanced, stress lowered, self-confidence boosted, achieved effective weight loss, breathing corrected and muscle toned after practicing yoga.